Things have been quiet recently. Not because I’m doing a horrible job with my finances, or because I don’t have anything worth sharing, but I’ve had my hands busy in another area of life – health and fitness. My fiancée, Lia, walked on stage last Saturday in the 2015 NPC Southern Indiana Muscle in Evansville, Indiana – a bodybuilding competition (Lia entered in the bikini division). I’ve been helping her get her own blog up and running, editing her content as needed, and supporting her every step of the way.

These past 12 to 15 weeks have flown by, but now that she’s got her feet wet, Lia has her sights set on another competition in June. Competition prep lifestyle isn’t easy – it’s a lot of hard work, long days and sacrifice. And while I’m not going quite as full force as Lia is, I’m busy at the gym myself, helping with meal prep, working hard at my day job, and keeping us on top of our finances.

Anyways, I wrote a few words on her blog yesterday, and thought I’d share the link. What I don’t mention in the post is how her new passion has impacted our personal finances. Her meals, competition expenses, show-day expenses and supplements aren’t cheap, but we’re able to pay cash for them and continue to pay down debt. If you want to see a sort of itemized list of how expensive her lifestyle is, check out one of her first posts.


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