Hi! I’m Sam. And this is Dimes to Dough.

Dimes to Dough is a blog covering all things personal finance. If you’re looking for an honest, fresh perspective on money, look no further than Dimes to Dough.

rachandsamAnd now a little about me: At 23 years old, and after amassing $3,000 in credit card debt on top of over $40,000 in student loans and an auto loan, I realized nothing good can come from debt. Handing 90% of my paycheck over to someone else is no fun.

I should have known better. I grew up intrigued by personal finance, I read all sorts of books on money, and I listened to Dave Ramsey (and could recite his baby steps in my sleep). So what was I doing with mounds of debt? Something had to change.

Being 23, I knew I had plenty of time to get out of my (relatively small) mess. I heard all the worst calls to Dave Ramsey. I knew people are in much worse situations. But regardless, I knew that each month in debt was another month that I couldn’t be debt free. So I created a goal:

Step 1: Stop using the credit card!
Step 2: Pay it off as fast as possible, and
Step 3: Start snowballing my debts.

On top of the above, my primary goal was being debt-free by 25. Did I do it? Good question. Currently I’m still 23, I’m still $3,000 in debt on my credit card, and I still owe about $40,000 in student loans and an auto loan. My journey is starting now. November 21, 2014. I’ve gone 24 hours without using my credit card. Next step, pay it off!

Anyways, I know my story is nothing special. I just created Dimes to Dough to keep myself accountable on my debt-free journey and to hopefully inspire others to take radical approaches to personal finance, too.

To close, here’s a little more back story on me: I graduated from Millikin University in Decatur, IL in May of 2013 with a BS in Marketing and a BA in Communication. While in undergrad, I served as the news editor for the campus newspaper, interned for a financial institution and marketing agency, and I now work in the travel industry (and love my job!). I’m a big fan of country music, House of Cards, the St. Louis Blues and the St. Louis Cardinals. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback.