How Monkeys Teach Us to Grow Our Savings

I’m not a huge fan of Tony Robbins, but I did find his interview on The Tim Ferriss Show back in October very fascinating. One nugget of financial wisdom and psychology insight that I took away from the nearly 2-hour interview was a correlation between monkeys and humans. Continue reading “How Monkeys Teach Us to Grow Our Savings”


7 Secrets to Getting Out of Debt That You Don’t Want to Hear

You’re strapped with debt, up to your eyeballs in loans and don’t see a way out. What do you do? Pay it off! Duh, right? Recognizing the problem is the easy part. What’s next? You figure out how to get to the finish line. It seems so far away, but you’d do anything to get there quickly. What do you do? Easy. Follow these seven steps: Continue reading “7 Secrets to Getting Out of Debt That You Don’t Want to Hear”

I’m ready to be debt-free already!

I started this blog way back in the end of 2014. Now, it’s already halfway through 2015 and I feel like I’m still right where I left off. Things keep coming up that keep pushing back my ability to tackle my debt, such as an impending wedding, car repair expenses, travel expenses, and overspending in general.

Normally, spending the amount of money that I do would be no huge deal, if I didn’t have any debt to my name. But I still have debt, approximately $85,000 of it, and I can’t stand it. I spend so much time pondering the state of my financial situation rather than actively doing something about it. Why? Because I feel stuck. Maybe you feel the same way? Continue reading “I’m ready to be debt-free already!”

A Cost-Effective Wedding: Part 2

My fiancée and I are a little over three months from our wedding date, and a lot of the expenses for the wedding have been piling up. Here are most of them: invitations (we did these ourselves), wedding dress, venue rental fee, catering, decorations (going to do these ourselves too), my wedding band, the DJ, photographer, officiant/pastor, groom’s outfit, chair and dance floor rental, honeymoon, and so on. It’s tough to avoid most of these costs, even though we shouldn’t need to please anyone but ourselves.

So what does one do when having to cash flow thousands of dollars in wedding expenses? If you’re in my profession, you barter. I work in marketing and I can design websites, develop and implement email marketing, and work my way around Photoshop. Those traits come in handy when I’m tight on spare cash. So far, I’ve been able to barter the cost of my DJ, venue and even our pre-marital counseling. Continue reading “A Cost-Effective Wedding: Part 2”

What’s been keeping me busy these past few months

Things have been quiet recently. Not because I’m doing a horrible job with my finances, or because I don’t have anything worth sharing, but I’ve had my hands busy in another area of life – health and fitness. My fiancée, Lia, walked on stage last Saturday in the 2015 NPC Southern Indiana Muscle in Evansville, Indiana – a bodybuilding competition (Lia entered in the bikini division). I’ve been helping her get her own blog up and running, editing her content as needed, and supporting her every step of the way. Continue reading “What’s been keeping me busy these past few months”

No credit card debt… Cool.

So, about the time I started Dimes to Dough, I had just signed up for a new credit card, my second credit card ever, an AMEX card. Years of 0% APR on my Citi Card had finally ran out, and I didn’t feel like negotiating for 0% APR again. So, I agreed to a seemingly nice 15 month no interest card from AMEX with a $200 cash back offer after spending $1000. I signed up with the intention of switching over any purchases from the Citi card to the AMEX, and paying off both as fast as possible. Continue reading “No credit card debt… Cool.”

A Cost-Effective Wedding: Part 1

No fantastic debt-reduction stats to share this week, but that’s because money has been going towards an impending wedding. Our date is finally set, and precisely six months from now – so not very far away at all!

Both my fiancée and I are determined to keep costs down for our 115-ish person big day, but we also don’t want to cut corners. We value our want to be debt-free very highly, but we also value the importance of spending the necessary money on a modest but nice wedding. Continue reading “A Cost-Effective Wedding: Part 1”