By now you’ve probably come across some visual advertisements on Dimes to Dough. I run ads hosted by WordPress’s WordAds program so that I can continue to offer everything on Dimes to Dough for free (including eBooks and other digital content).

You should only ever see one to three ads on a page, and they’re designed to stay out of the way as much as possible. I wish I could run things ad-free forever, but it does cost money to keep this site open.

All things considered, please remember that I do not endorse any advertisement shown on Dimes to Dough. I have very little control over the advertisements shown, but they do help pay the bills. Remember, I’m never paid to endorse any product, book, website or whatever. All views and opinions are expressly my own unless otherwise stated.

My goal since the beginning has been to keep Dimes to Dough as transparent as possible (and always completely honest). That stems from both the financial talk to the displaying of advertisements. I hope you understand my predicament, and if you’d like to pay for me to remove ads forever, I’m sure we can agree on a price!

Thank you for your understanding.



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